Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Who is Dan Osarchuk?

Surprisingly enough, most of the sought after employers in the current era are not too keen on hiring an aging, straight, white male, who has thrown off the bonds of the tyranny that is Political Correctness. Such a fate often comes to those who point out that the 'Emperor is wearing no clothes'.

As a result, Dan has decided to pursue his lifelong passion of writing fantasy novels and other works. This is an effort to not only make a living, but to express his long-suppressed disdain for the topic that has bothered him for oh so long: Political Correctness. Yes, he will most likely get flack (and worse?) for including such Forbidden Commentary and Allegory in his stories and public statements (see first sentence for the reason why), but he also knows that his own end might come sooner than later, and he would not have rested easily if he had kept such views quiet. His wish remains to do what he can to leave a better society for his own children, their children, and for others like them to thrive in.

Dan's notable fatalism aside, such an approach certainly gives his stories a unique perspective: through mild allegory, they aim to point out the REAL inequality in today's society, which is of course (and not so ironically) caused by the very ones who CLAIM to be working in the name of 'Equality'. Much fantasy nowadays could be called 'left-wing', if not 'escapist' or simply 'weird', so Dan's could thereby be called 'Suspect'. It should also be noted that links to Dan's books can even be found on the far-right side of this very webpage! Very suspicious! But then again, Dan just sees himself as 'reasonable' and only interested in preserving what's (ahem) left of Western Civilization and its people. Though his world of the Fantasy Future may alter the appearance and terms for those who attempt to conquer and destroy another society, the astute will see such works as fitting reflections, with both warning and hope, of ours.

And for those who could care less about politics, his fiction should simply be fun, exciting, and compelling to read regardless, so feel free to ignore this entire post!

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