Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Might Not Want to Live in Mauriatown, but...

Mentioned in my past novels and explained in more detail in my upcoming Campaign Black Beard, Mauriatown is not your usual protagonist place. Modeled as a fascist post-apocalyptic-now-medieval realm, such a land would almost certainly be branded as the antagonist by those in the Politically Correct Cult. It, like similar lands, would be shrieked at as being ‘THE ULTIMATE EVIL!’ And yet, it is not.

As in most cases throughout our own world’s history, most who fight against Equalitarianism are doing so as a reaction, rather than striking first. In other words, reactionaries typically do not start conflicts.

An insane philosophy like Equalitarianism, one that demands that everyone and everything must be equal, or else, is often laughed at in the beginning. Then, when their Revolutionary Demands don’t seem to be working, it is usually the Equalitarians who first resort to violence. Of course, they would claim that it is the one who they’re attacking’s fault- that they are seeking to stop Oppression and Hate by engaging in Oppression and Hate themselves, but such are the ways of Cultists.

And unfortunately, it often takes a strong reaction to the Equalitarians’ overhanded attempts at revolution to finally stop them. Thus, Mauriatown.

In my preceding novel, Red Noon at Helltowne, even though the red dwarves claim to be heading off a Maurian attack, it is they who instigate the invasion of the West and attempt to use a Great Tower against the humans. And, despite the propaganda of our own Fell Cult, Political Correctness, most events in our world have occurred in similar ways.

So there is a need for Mauriatown, regardless of the fact that I, your gentle author, would probably not fit in very well there. Why? Because even though Equalitarians usually start the fighting that disrupts the world, it is the strong reactionaries who finish it.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Political Correctness is a Cult and It Currently Rules The West

Ever wonder why the many ongoing problems we face never seem to get fixed and, in fact, grow even worse? There’s a reason, but it’s not one that most would admit to.

If you want to know who is in charge of a society, just look at how quickly you get attacked for saying certain things. Go ahead and insult white, heterosexual men in a public forum and see how much flack you get. Now try insulting any other type of person and compare the result.

You won’t have the government, the educational system, the mainstream media, Hollywood actors, bad musicians, and so-called ‘Activists’ attacking you in the first case, but you CERTAINLY WILL in the latter.

This is why Political Correctness is a Cult. It attacks everyone who disagrees with it and it holds paradoxical beliefs. Just like the Cult of R'ti, it claims to be for ‘Diversity’, yet it tolerates no debate. Just like the followers of Uncle Steel Dwarf, it claims to be for ‘Multiculturalism’ but it only promotes ‘Migration’ and ‘Assimilation’ into western countries. Like the Glowing Spectral Personhood, it claims to be ‘Anti-Racist’, but it only attacks groups that advocate for western people. And like the Kernazons, it claims to be ‘Gender Inclusive”, but it only attacks uppity males. Get the idea?

Most people are terrified to be Politically Incorrect, so they wish to avoid the issue entirely. This is why Political Correctness currently rules the West, both in our world and in the world of the Shenbyrg Vale. In our world, those who say anything Politically Incorrect face a steep decline in social status, loss of their job, attacks and harassment, and in some countries, even imprisonment, just as many Cults in the Shenbyrg Vale world put Unbelievers to death! Why would this be? If what the Politically Incorrect have to say is so wrong, then why would the Politically Correct be so vicious in attacking them?

They are vicious and they do attack the one saying it, rather than trying to be reasonable or debate the issue itself. But like all Cults, Political Correctness won’t last. In fact, its days are numbered, just like the many Cults that threaten the Vale.

All it takes are heroes to stand up to them.