Thursday, February 16, 2017


Don’t these Ghoul-Ghouls look famished? They haven’t chewed off enough skin today!

One ghoul is creepy; two are even worse. And since they don’t have any skin, those in the Night Skies Over Valhallow world can be creepier yet. Not only does it make them hideous to look upon, but it gives them a notorious, undead craving. No, it isn’t for brains: that’s zombies. And it isn’t for blood either: that’s vampires. Ghouls want flesh and not just from the dead, from the living too!

Unlike the other monsters and cultists that are used to destroy humanity, ghouls have become completely mindless. They’ve been subverted by the terrible narcotic that grants them a sense of great joy and ease at the expense of their skin. They weren’t always that way, of course- they used to be human, but thanks to Ghoul-Ghoul corruption, they have become undead automatons.

At first, the Ghoul-Ghoul might be introduced into a society to provide great service. “I can help you so much! You can find anything with me! Converse with others like never before! Enjoy my Ghoul-Ghoul narcotic, it’s only mildly addicting and oh, so convenient”.

Soon members of that society become ghouls themselves, increasingly-lost devotees of the Ghoul-Ghoul way. Eventually, the Ghoul-Ghoul has enough power so that it can begin to dictate to the society it was first introduced to help. The answers that it once found for others are now twisted for the Ghoul-Ghoul’s fell purposes. Those who don’t follow its edicts are no longer allowed to converse. It can even start directing its ghouls to bite off the flesh of those who oppose it with impunity. More people are then forced to become ghouls too, to also lose their skins, or perish.

Of course, its ghoul servitors believe that what they’re doing is right. The addiction of Ghoul-Ghoul still pulses through their skinless veins, making them unable to discern fantasy from reality. They are told that “all skins should be chewed off!”, but they are only directed to de-skin a certain race: other races can keep theirs.

The ghouls see just what the Ghoul-Ghoul wants them to see. Everything else is edited out and, being undead automatons, they don’t question why.

Nevertheless, the Ghoul-Ghoul can still be used for good. Though it will keep attempting to eliminate a certain race’s ‘skin privilege’ in the most literal way, its old functions can be harnessed to let the remaining humans know what it and the other Fell Cults are really trying to do: they’re trying to exterminate a certain race.

So continuing to work with the Ghoul-Ghoul would make sense, you just have to understand that it still wants to bite off your skin. And that understanding also helps in ridding yourself of the Ghoul-Ghoul addiction- you use it as a tool, nothing else.

Luckily, we have nothing at all like it in our world... right?

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