Thursday, February 23, 2017

Procrustes Equalitarian

Equalitarians love to emulate monsters, but one giant in particular is sacred to them: Procrustes. They simply adore this demented tyrant. And who can blame them? He fits perfectly with their demented worldview.

Procrustes means ‘the stretcher’ and he lived up to his name well. He would grab people wandering along the road and attempt to force them to fit his bed. Of course, no one would ever actually fit it exactly, so he would stretch them to make them fit!

The same goes for Equalitarians. In the name of Social Justice, they try to force people to become equal, making them stretch, morphing out all differentiation of race, gender, preference, tradition, and nearly everything else. The idea is ridiculous of course, but that only makes the Equalitarians stretch harder! And, just like with Procrustes, people suffer terribly as a result.

But that’s not all that Procrustes would do. If someone happened to be too long for his bed, then he would- you guessed it- chop their body parts off so that they would fit!

This is an Equalitarian favorite. Any who dare to go beyond their narrow view of Equality are fair game, especially those who might criticize the Equalitarians’ approach. “Don't believe in Equality? Getting too big for the bed?” Chop. “Think the bed is wrong? Don’t think we should try to stretch away all differences?” Chop.

The carnage becomes terrible: all committed in the name of Equality.

So what is to be done about this monster? The Greeks had the answer: Theseus. It takes a hero to slay the Equality Giant and Theseus beat it at its own game. He forced Procrustes back into his own bed, destroying him, just like he had done to so many others.

What does this mean to us non-Greeks? We should beat the Equalitarians at their own ridiculous game. Show them how their tyrannical attempts at Equality only destroy people. And while we’re at it, we should warn everyone else about the dangers of the Procrustean bed too, because trying to make everyone the same is not only insane, but often deadly.

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