Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Blue-Haired Fifth Column

Most nations fall from within. Even though some foreign power is usually the one to put the final, obvious nail in the coffin, a nation can only be truly destroyed when it has become corrupted enough. Otherwise, the people would just keep resisting any foreign occupation until they were free again.

(Warning: spoilers ahead)

As described in Quiet Upon Shenbyrg’s Dawning, the Glowing Spectral Personhood Cult is a self-hating, anti-human group of humans that emulates the nearby mountainfolk by dyeing their hair blue. They espouse a philosophy of blaming all of society’s ills on the Amaranthine Wizard’s actions almost a century before. They worship non-human races and, once they came to power, were instrumental in inviting in thousands of orcs, goblins, and other peoples, their ‘New Friends’, into their small, prosperous land.

Sound familiar?

Of course, you can guess what happens to Dinglesfuhr, any rational person could. And yet places like Germany and Sweden in our world today have fallen heavily under the influence of another cult, the Cult of Political Correctness, so much that the indigenous Germans and Swedes must now live in fear of the many ‘migrants’ who have now invaded their countries.

And it’s not just Germany and Sweden. Every other western country in our world today has large portions of their population still under the sway of Political Correctness too. Ironically, the non-western nations of our world aren’t dumb enough to fall for such a stupid idea as giving one’s country away to foreigners.

Did the feminists, the ones who held placards saying “Refugees Welcome!” realize that women in those countries would now have to hide their hair and live in fear of rape from roaming packs of men? Did the environmentalists and socialists realize what a strain all these people would put on the land, welfare state, sense of community, and level of public safety?

They were too blinded by Political Correctness to see or else, too afraid to admit it.

Like all cults, Political Correctness will tolerate no dissent, even as its followers tyrannize and attack all opposition to force them to conform in the name of ‘Tolerance’, ‘Acceptance’, and ‘Diversity’. The same goes for the Glowing Spectral Personhood Cult. By the time the events of Red Noon at Helltowne occur, they are gleefully rounding up any dissenters to their fell god. Anyone they deem ‘Amaranthine’ is to be sacrificed, no matter their actual ideology.

Remind you of the Leftist violence at Berkeley?

And though Helltowne might have finally sent in its forces to finish the job, Dinglesfuhr was already beaten. They weren’t defeated by a horde of ravaging despoilers or by a superior foreign army, but by the seemingly-loving lies of the Glowing Spectral Personhood- the same type of Blue-Haired Fifth Column that seeks to destroy our western world today.

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