Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Disallegiance of Cults

Cults don’t get along with each other for long. Once they have corrupted their host society enough, whatever allegiance they may have had to each other seems to vanish. Of course, they were never really loyal to each other in the first place.

Even the universalist, ultra-naïve ones won’t exist alongside the more militant and focused ones for long. Why? Because the universalist, ultra-naïve ones are almost always liquidated by the more militant and focused ones, once they have outlived their usefulness (see last week's post: The Blue-Haired Fifth Column).

In the world of the Shenbyrg Vale, that ignominious role is held by the Glowing Spectral Personhood. Though their leaders might know the true goals of the Cult; that is, to enable the destruction of the Dinglesfuhrian and other human peoples, the rank-and-file members often remain ridiculously unaware. One shouldn’t be surprised really: they are in a cult, after all.

The Glowing Spectral Personhood espouses ‘Friendship’ and ‘Non-prejudice’, unless of course other humans try to defy their wishes. But when it comes to non-humans, they are fully lost to their Edicts. Though they will violently denounce any other humans they deem ‘Amaranthine’, the cultists will allow goblins and other inhumans to beat, attack, and even kill them, because any natural mechanism to protect themselves from other races has been expunged in the name of Cult Loyalty.

That is how the pro-female, earth-friendly, love-everyone-or-else humans welcomed in the anti-female, land-destroying, kill-everyone-right-away goblins.

The goblin cult of Tezshnaz is still crazy, yet not self-hating. And unlike the Glowing Spectral Personhood humans, the goblins stick with the ‘classics’ of blood sacrifice and bizarre superstition, but don’t work towards the even more insane goal of destroying their own people.

Even goblins aren't that stupid.

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