Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Hacks of Gorm, Part II: Old Friends

A continuing series that follows the exploits of Gorm in the Nights Skies Over Valhallow World

The air was still warm for such a winter afternoon; the sun still somewhat red and high in the sky. They bundled the corpses tightly and tied them in Fjord Vallee fashion. Though nearby, Gorm was not from that land originally, but had spent enough time there to now call it home.

The Resistance fighters had lost nearly half their group to the cultist ambush and even worse, they could now see those doom balloons again, the Helltowne Snoollab fleet, beginning to fly over the eastern outskirts of what once had been Dinglesfuhr. Their red insignia showed ominously in the strange light.

It was time to move!

Heaving the bodies of his former comrades onto his mighty shoulders, Gorm led the way, deeper into the city ruins.

He then took a moment to adjust his suspenders before addressing the others. “If they look for us from sky, we hide deeper from them on ground!”

The Dinglesfuhrians in the group looked at the barbarian confusedly; the savages from Fjord Vallee nodded, understanding his simple speech perfectly.

The group rounded a bend of a collapsed beerhall. They looked over at it with some interest, but they knew all the precious ale inside had long since drained into the ground or been consumed by thirsty, rampaging goblins.

One of the Dinglesfuhrians, Gottschalk, a former salt mine captain came up to Gorm then. “We best head for the mountains: the Helltowners will be landing soon.”

Gorm only shook his head. “Me look for someone: a woman!”

Gottschalk smirked. “You can find a woman in the mountains...”

“No! Me looking for certain woman!” Gorm replied laughing. He then slapped the man on his shoulder mightily, nearly forcing him to the ground.

As he struggled to rise, Gottschalk spotted a woman running behind a building wall. And though she looked injured and terrified, he thought she might be enough to satisfy the barbarian. He pointed his still aching arm in her direction.

Gorm turned and squinted his eyes. To Gottschalk’s surprise though, the barbarian’s face took on a look of grim determination, rather than desire.  Gorm then gently placed the wrapped bodies of his slain comrades down, readied his great axe, and advanced on where the woman had gone. Gottschalk followed, his trusty miner’s pick in hand.

They soon arrived at the ruined wall. This place looked to have once been part of a zoo animal pen, though whatever animals that hadn’t escaped were most likely killed by goblins weeks ago. The woman suddenly leapt out then and Gottschalk realized why Gorm had looked so grim.

It was Esservassa!

Gottschalk gasped at seeing the crippled, blue-haired cultist. She had been the one who had led their group into the Glowing Spectral Personhood ambush in the first place. He also now guessed who the ‘certain woman’ was that Gorm was looking for.

But he had little more time for reflection, for Esservassa was now furiously stabbing at Gorm!

The barbarian could only barely parry her attacks with his great axe’s haft: she had moved closer than the effective range of his weapon and the broken ground made it difficult for him to back up.

Gottschalk rushed in then and swung his pick at her. He didn’t have the heart to harm a woman though, no matter how corrupt she was, but it was enough for Gorm to take a step a back and then use his axe more effectively.

He seemed to have no qualms about attacking her.

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