Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Hacks of Gorm, Part III: No Walls?

A continuing series that follows the exploits of Gorm in the Nights Skies Over Valhallow World


Gorm took this opportunity to express his displeasure... by going berserk!

What would make a man voluntarily lose his mind and give himself over to battle-fury? Was it seeing this land become overrun and destroyed by goblins, or was it more from witnessing his friends die at the hands of the human cultists?

In Gorm’s case, it didn’t really matter: there wasn’t much mind for him to lose.

“YOU KILL! YOU KILL! YOU KILL!” Salvia flowed copiously from his barbaric mouth.

At first, Gottschalk thought that he might correct the insanely murderous barbarian, since he was now hacking at the woman with his two-handed axe, claiming that she was killing, but thought better of it. Gorm seemed to be beyond debate at this point.

Esservassa took this opportunity to duck between and behind the ruined walls and enclosures of this place. Despite her crippled form, she moved quickly, deftly avoiding the deadly strikes of Gorm’s axe.

“Amaranthine Invader!! You are not welcome in this land!!”

Gottschalk had to chuckle at the woman’s ironic statement: her cult had been the one that had invited the goblin invaders in, which subsequently destroyed Dinglesfuhr, and now she was trying to tell the barbarian to leave for trying to save Dinglesfuhr!

Whether the barbarian heard what she had said or not, Gorm redoubled his strikes, demonstrating the unique advantage of how an axe can not only chop through flesh and bone, but also barriers in the way of that flesh and bone.

He finally burst through one and the splinters flew on Esservassa’s face and blue-dyed hair. She only narrowly avoided the axe’s bit, shrieked, and nearly dropped her dagger. Gorm lumbered after her, his mulleted head and savage suspenders shining strangely in the afternoon light. His face was bright red; one of his eyes bulged, while the other sank deep into its socket- a fitting image of a raging hillman.

Esservassa scrambled to get away, but Gorm seemed nigh-unstoppable. She lunged for another wall, this one of stone, and it blocked his next attack. With both of them distracted, Gottschalk began to sneak around behind her, hoping that Esservassa wouldn’t spot him and Gorm wouldn’t hack him to death accidentally.

Despite his still-salivating fury, Gorm was able to mutter some seemingly-intelligible words. “You want walls now!”

“What?!” Elfriede almost revealed her head to debate him, but realized that he might then chop it off.

Still, it was hard for her to resist: cultists could never win debates, they could only criticize, threaten, and make underhanded attacks. With the woman distracted, Gottschalk stalked behind and got ready to grab her.

But Esservassa spotted him though, whipped around, and pointed her dagger right at his throat. “I’m sensing Miniscule Encroachment, Amaranthinist!”

Gottschalk struggled to come up with a way to distract her again. Finally, it came to him.

“He said that ‘you want walls now’, because you wanted to tear down all the walls of Dinglesfuhr to let the goblins in!”

“So!?” Esservassa was obstinate, “Dinglesfuhr Needed to Make Amends for its Amaranthine Ways... just like YOU DO NOW!!!”

But before she could slash his throat, there was a great crash from behind and the wall came down. Gorm had hammered through it with his axe’s butt. Esservassa now lay unconscious, her body partially buried beneath the broken stone.

Gorm laughed and his frenzy lessened. Gottschalk looked up at him, relieved that it seemed neither Esservassa nor Gorm would kill him for the moment.

“Ha! Ha! HA! She finally get wall broken down! Just like she wanted!”

Gottschalk had to smile too: the barbarian did have a point.

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